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Basic plan with half board, halal menu

Room type

Pure Japanese-style room

Maximum occupancy

2-5 person(s)

Example rate

from 30,000 yen(tax excluded) per person
(Rate per room for 2 person(s))

Plan contents
Genji-koh's Halal Meals Policy

1. We do not have a Halal certification by a third-party organization.
2. The kitchen is not exclusively for Halal meals.
3. For Halal meals, we use meat with a Halal certification.
4. for Halal meals, we are using muslim friendly or halal certified seasonings
※ For seasoning without halal certification, the ingredients has been checked thoroughly before usage
5. Cooking tools (cutting boards, chef’s knives, mixing bowls, pots etc.)
   are set apart for Halal meals.
6. Table ware is not exclusively for halal and also used for other food. If any request, we are able to provide disposable table ware  such as cup, fork, knife, etc
7.Please make a reservation 5 days in advance.



◆Halal MealsMenu  
※Using branded wagyu "Iga beef A-5 rank"

【Pre-meal juice】 Plum juice from Handa, Aichi prefecture   
【Appetizer】Halal Iga Wagyu Sushi "Ginger , Onion"

【Cold bowl】
  Roasted beef Salad of Halal Iga Wagyu Beef salted rice malt
  Tomato Pot wrapped with aurora with Special balsamic sauce

【Special dish of seafood】※Please chooce ① or ②
 ①Sliced raw fish: Gift from the sea Natural seasonal fish
 Please enjoy it with “Halal tamari soy sauce and crystal salt”.
 ②Grilled dish: Grilled natural Ise shrimp with white asparagus and lemon
 ※Useing "Halal mayonnaise". 

【Grilled dish】
  Teppanyaki of Halal Iga Wagyu beef
  Vegetables ”potato, baby corn and truffle”
  ※Please enjoy it with four kinds of sauce of 
  "this specially made onion sauce, chili sauce, wasabi, roasted salt".

【Main dish】 
  Tempura of two parts of kelp-flavored Halal Iga wagyu beef.
  Vegetables “myoga ginger, eggplant, and manganji chili pepper” 
  Sudachi citrus "Sirloin and Round " 
  ※Please enjoy it with two kinds of salt "truffle salt and lemon salt". 

【Rice】White rice cooked in a pot 
          Aosa soup 
  Warabi mochi with Ogura kinako soybean flour and seasonal fresh fruits

◆◇Fragrant hospitality – Japanese aromas◇◆
A refined moment spent in the fashion of aristocrats of ancient times – the hotel offers many different aromas.
Fully relax with our “gently wafting” fragrant hospitality matched to each part of the hotel including the lobby, guest rooms, baths and restrooms.

◆◇Beauty Bath – Minami-Chita Onsen Hot Spring◇◆
Containing many effective ingredients, Minami-Chita hot spring is called ‘the bath of long life’ and is good for nerve pain and back pain as well as for beauty and beautiful skin. It has been frequented by travellers since ancient times.

◆◇Superb view! Outdoor bath on top of the clouds◇◆
The quiet natural scenery of Chita spreads out before your eyes.
Enjoy the views from this bath: during the day both the sea and the sky are a clear blue, at dusk the horizon is bathed in red and at night, there is a canopy of stars that you can almost reach out and touch.
Outdoor bath on top of the clouds – the best view from the hotel.
Because it is located on the top floor this bath gives a feeling of liberty as if you are above the clouds.
Relax and enjoy.
(Opening hours: 11:00 - 14:00 / 15:00 - 24:00 / 6:00 - 12:00)

Japanese-style breakfast will be served in the large hall for groups of 6 or over.
Plan details
Room type
Fully enjoy the peaceful elegance Pure Japanese-style room - hospitality with aromasJapanese-style roomWith bath/toilet
Breakfast and dinner included
Private dining room: Miotsukushi
Private dining room or large hall
Payment method
On-site payment or online credit card payment

TEL: 0569-62-3737




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TEL: 0569-62-3737