Chita Ushi(traditional meal brought in courses) - Melt in the mouth. Finest marbling -
◆◇◆A must for meat lovers!!!◆◇◆
Savour our finest quality beef in melt in your mouth grilled sushi or juicy marbled beef grilled on a ceramic plate.
 What’s more, between fresh lobster or abalone!
Enjoy finest brand beef in various dishes and savour fresh seafood – Extravagant Tasting Plan
Includes an ocean view room with bath, shower and toilet and the use of 2 different styles of private bath in the bathing area on the 4th floor. The contrast blue of the sea, the green of the pines and the light blue of the sky that can be seen from guest rooms is exceptional.

Chita Ushi(traditional meal brought in courses) - Melt in the mouth. Finest marbling -
Chita Ushi(traditional meal brought in courses) - Melt in the mouth. Finest marbling -
Pure Japanese-style room
◆◇Chita Ushi (traditional meal brought in courses) ◇◆
●Chita grilled beef sushi – crisp on the outside, melts on the inside.
●Finest quality umami spills out from Chita beef cooked on a ceramic plate

<<What’s more♪>>
★We serve freshly-caught ‘gems of the sea’. Select your preferred type.
☆Tender sweetness bursts in your mouth –lobster cooked on a ceramic plate.
☆Fragrant aroma – abalone cooked on a ceramic plate

◆◇About Chita Beef◇◆
The Chita beef brand was created by crossing male Japanese Black cattle and female Holstein cattle and the beef’s characteristics are tenderness and tasty sweetness.
Chita cattle are carefully raised in the gentle climate of Chita and the beef that is produced has balanced sweetness and fat content. When you put it in your mouth it melts immediately and fills your mouth with sweet umami.

◆Private bath – relax with your family◆
The countryside and the green mountains of Chita in the distance.
The view from the hotel’s private baths is somehow the nostalgic and indelible scenery of the Japan of days gone by. Do not hesitate to spend a relaxing moment in the bath.
You can cool off from the bath on the veranda.
(Opening hours: 15:00 - 18:00 / for 50 minutes at a time / 3,240 yen *requires reservation)

●Select your preferred seafood dish
① Lobster cooked on a ceramic plate ② Abalone cooked on a ceramic plate
15 Oct 2017 - 30 Sep 2019
Breakfast and dinner included
Private dining room: Miotsukushi
Private dining room: Miotsukushi
15:00 - 20:00
Payment method
On-site payment or online credit card payment

Rooms that can be selected under this plan.

Availability and price varies with room. If reservations cannot be made with the desired conditions, please try changing the room.

Please select a room.
* The calender will change.
Pure Japanese-style room 1 to 6 persons.
Guest room with rotemburo 2 to 5 persons.
Designer's Room 2 to 6 persons.
Pure Japanese-style room

Fully enjoy the peaceful elegance Pure Japanese-style room - hospitality with aromas

Japanese-style room
With bath/toilet

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